Latest News

  1. July 2017
    July 2017
    Whilst we are in our summer hiatus, we are updating the website and having great fun uploading the headshots of our casts' from over the years.
  2. June 2017
    June 2017
    Well the hot summer is here and David & Laura are busy working away in the background planning our next season. We are hoping that there will be some brand new writing next season, but keep coming back or checking our Facebook and Twitter feeds for more info!
  3. April 2017
    April 2017
    Well after the success of "Come To Where I'm From" less is MORE is having a quieter summer. We are busy preparing our plans for the next year and we hope to announce our next production soon.
  1. February 2017 "Come To Where I'm From"
    February 2017 "Come To Where I'm From"
    In association with Paines Plough we are proud to announce "Come To Where I'm From" On the 16th March 2017 - we are proud to engage with 4 local playwrights including: David Tuffnell, Scarlet Pink, Gordon Steel & Tim Foley.
  1. December 2016 "Cast Announcement "Blithe Spirit"
    December 2016 "Cast Announcement "Blithe Spirit"
    Simon Blake - Charles Condomine Helen Rose Hampton - Ruth Condomine Wesley Milligan - Dr Bradman Emma Clare - Mrs Bradman Natasha Haws - Elvira Laura Lonsdale - Edith Allison Saxton - Madame Arcati
  1. October 2016
    October 2016
    Well our Chalet has been packed away and whilst the less is MORE team are looking forward to a Christmas break, we are prepping our 2017 schedule. Over the next couple of months we will be adding more content to the website, adding lots of back stage pictures and images from the last 7 years! However, It wont be long till we announce our next show.... scripts are being read, ideas are being pondered and plans are being set in motion!
  1. September 2016
    September 2016
    Congratulations to our amazing cast of "Chalet Lines" After all that hard work you pulled of an amazing production. Well done!
  1. August 2016
    August 2016
    Well, it is a very buy time for us, David has been working on "The Lambton Worm" over the summer for the Libraries, and Tom has been pulling together his cast for "Chalet Lines"