2015 New Writing Festival

A Brief Glimpse Written and Directed By Brief Glimpse
athering Eaglesham
Emily Hyndman
Hannah Winn
Chloe Umpleby
Tazmin Lewis
Bleeding Hearts. Written by Ian Skelton. Directed by Wendie Middleton
Judith: Lynne Lawson
Liz: Bridget Ladyman
Patrick: Jonny Rees
Colin: Rob Clilverd
Chicken Chockers. Written By Chris Upton. Directed By Michele Plews.
Mother: Lynne Lawson
Roman: Jonny Rees
Father: Rob Clilverd
Lucy: Jessie York
Life Is Good, Wild And Sweet. Written By Anna Jordan. Directed by David Tuffnell & Anna Jordan
Stella: Laura Lonsdale
Kieran: Shane Headlam
As Told By... A Series of Pieces Written & Directed by David Tuffnell:
Is That All There Is?
Ralph: Shane Headlam
Mrs Jones: Doreen Frankland
Connie: Kelly Jackson
Our Karen - Rainy Days And Mondays
Sharon - Victoria Holtom
Moon On The Rain
Gary: Shane Headlam
Paul: David Tuffnell
Front Windows
Eileen - Wendie Middleton
A Butterfly Of Twenty Five Stone. Written by Heloise Thual. Directed By Laura Lonsdale
Perfect Man: Shane Headlam
Perfect Woman: Nikki Shaftoe
Butterfly To Be: Jessie York
For our second New Writing Festival we wanted to expand on the great work that we acheived in 2014.
We decided to embraced the new talent in the area and decided to work with a group of students, known as "Brief Glimpse" to produce their own monologues.
"This year, not only did we receive some great plays, we also wanted to engage with some up and coming younger performers.
It was so rewarding to watch and guide them writing their own scripts and directing themselves"
David Tuffnell, March 2015